IDG Contributor Network: Modern monitoring is a big data problem

Why did VMware acquire Wavefront? The start of the answer to this question comes with an understanding of what Wavefront is (or was). Wavefront was started by former Google engineers who set out to build a monitoring system for the commercial market that had the same features and benefits as the monitoring system that Google had built for itself.

Due to the massive scale of Google, such a system would have to have two key attributes:

  1. The ability to consume and process massive amounts of data very quickly. In fact, the Wavefront website make the claim, “Enterprise-grade cloud monitoring and analytics at over 1 million data points per second.”
  2. The ability to quickly find what you want in this massive ocean of data

So, it is clear that the folks at Wavefront viewed modern monitoring to be a big data problem, and it is clear that some people at VMware were willing to pay a fair amount of money for a monitoring system that took a real-time and highly scalable approach to monitoring.

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