"Banking of Things" zeroes in on data from devices, cloud computing

Financial services are aspiring to develop the “banking of things” through new streams of data created by devices and cloud computing. RSS-5 Related Posts:Cloud Computing Concept With Various Connected Devices Within Business Workflow Of Internet …GIGAS Hosting Receives Favourable Report From MAB – A Cloud Computing Service Provider …SFLC.in's Comments on the TRAI Consultation Paper […] Read more »

Google Earth gets a fancy new look thanks to NASA satellite data


Google is mining photos from a satellite launched in 2013 to create a better, cloud-free image of Earth from above. The newest mosaic is an updated version of one produced in 2013. The new version was pieced together mostly using data from the Landsat 8 satellite, launched by NASA, which snaps “twice as many images as […] Read more »