Cloud hosting 'can help improve IT security'

Cloud hosting 'can help improve IT security'
Businesses may be able to improve their IT security defences by embracing cloud hosting and related hosted services, it has been suggested. The vast majority of businesses surveyed by Symantec believed that cloud hosting could make the difference for …
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Cloud Hosting Company FireHost Raises Million
By, FireHost, a company that specializes in secured cloud hosting, has raised $ 10 million in Series B funding in a round led by family-owned private equity firm The Stephens Group, with earlier backers also participating. …
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Singapore Polytechnic to Launch Educational Cloud Computing Center
By Justin Lee, October 07, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — The Singapore Polytechnic Electrical and Electronic Engineering Cloud Computing Center ( is set to launch, marking the first educational institute in Asia Pacific to provide …
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Question by Clark Steven: Can anyone suggest some cloud hosting provider?
We are looking for a cloud based business solution, an all inclusive; Invoicing, Inventory Management, Purchasing, CRM, etc. I have used NetSuite and needs something less robust / costly. Can anyone suggest some cloud hosting provider?

Best answer:

Answer by Mario Madrid
I´d like to help you, but your question is quiet general.

I do not know what do you need it for, which is the size of your company, do you need an international solution etc.

Anyway, I regularly use, it could help you to get the first level of info.

Good luck!

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