Things To Look For In A Promising Web Host

Things To Look For In A Promising Web Host
Finding a promising web hosting company for your internet based business is an essential piece to the puzzle. This is the company that has control of your server space, web services and file maintenance, so you want to make sure you are protected. …
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Web Host Rackspace to Create OpenStack Foundation in 2012
Since its launch in July 2010, OpenStack has seen incredible momentum and boasts many participants in the web hosting sector. Started by Rackspace, NASA and more than 20 other companies, the community now has more than 100 organizations worldwide. …
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Question by Tane: web hosting?
Does anybody can offer a best web hosting information site that contain detailed web hosting plans feature? I had found some, but all those web hosting sites only list a little general feature, space, bandwidth, price… It’s hard to compare those web hosting plans or review all those web hosting companies one by one. so more detailed web hosting plans information is appreciate.

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Answer by Adam

I also personally recommend for free webhosting. That is the host I use for my website, I also got the domain name free. You can do that too if you want, just go to

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