Understanding cloud computing

Understanding cloud computing
There is so much buzz these days about cloud computing. You hear it everywhere, so maybe by now you are thinking that you might need to inquire about it. The first thing to know is that the cloud isn't really all that new. …
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Cloud Computing: SMB Vendors find Success in the Cloud
By Dick Weisinger, on October 10th, 2011 A report from AMI-Partners finds that vendors that are able to offer cloud-based solutions are more successful and their customers are more satisfied with the solutions that they provide. …
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GNAX Chief Technology Officer, Mariano Maluf to Speak on Cloud Solutions for
Maluf's session is entitled "Cloud Solutions for cPanel" and will address cloud computing advantages and optimization practices for cPanel users. Global Net Access (GNAX), a leader in Infrastructure-as-a-Service, mission-critical datacenter colocation …
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Cloud Computing would be fun however i would also want to keep my own hard drive for personal files etc…

I thinks its a great idea and i would use it, so does anyone else think they should do it and would you use it??

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Answer by Tim E
Well I use it a lot at work ie with Winterm and the like, however for the home user I think it would not be of much use, I think Mr Bill Gates is thinking of going down this road on the next release.

You will have to have good WAN connection which is not going to happen in the UK for some time yet, and you then get the Security people that would not like it.

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