VEXXHOST Reviews – WordPress Hosting + 50% Coupon Code

In this series of VEXXHOST reviews, we will be showing how simple and easy it is to install over 200+ scripts using VEXXHOST’s unique script installer that comes with their web hosting services.

In this review, we’ll go through how simple it is to install a WordPress blog using the installation wizard that’s provided with all hosting accounts.

Step 1. Login to your cPanel control panel.

You can login to your cPanel control panel by going to your domain name followed by cPanel.


Your username and password will be provided to you when you sign up in an email titled “New Account Information”.  Make sure you have no extra spaces when copying the username and password, as it is case sensitive.

Once you have logged into cPanel, you can scroll down to the end where you will find the automatic script installer.

From under the “Scripts” subcategory, click on “WordPress” and you will be redirected to the script page.

In the script page, you will see an overview of WordPress with all of it’s features, screenshots, latest installable version, ratings from other customers that used it and a demo of the software as well.

In order to continue with the installation, click the “Install” blue button in the top of the page, you will be then redirected to a page that will ask for the details of the WordPress installation.

For the following form, you can use the following points to help you in installing WordPress.  The options where we suggest to leave to default are recommended to be default for starters, unless you’re an advanced user then you know what you have to change.

  • Choose Protocol: Leave default.
  • Choose Domain: Select the domain name from your account that you wish to install this script on.  This dropdown menu will list all the domain names that are in your account.
  • In Directory: This option will specify where on your website that you want to install your WordPress blog.  If you want to install it on the root of your website (e.g.:, then you should keep it empty.  If you are trying to install it in a blog folder (e.g.: then you should put “blog”.
  • Database name: Leave default.
  • Site name: The name of your blog that will be displayed.  You can enter anything you wish
  • Site description: This will be the slogan and description of your blog.  You can enter anything you wish.
  • Enable multi-sites: Leave default (unchecked)
  • Admin username: This will be the username that you will use to login to WordPress.  You can set it to anything you wish.
  • Admin password: This will be the password to the username you entered earlier, please make sure this password is secure to prevent your site from being hacked.
  • Admin email: This will be the email that you will get notifications such as ones for new comments sent to, please make sure this is a valid email.
  • Language: Select whichever language you are comfortable with (note: not all languages are fully supported).

Once you have completed all those fields, click on “Install” and within less than a minute, the WordPress blog will be setup and installed.


You will get a page that will give you all the relevant links to that blog.  At this last page, you will have a confirmation that the installation completed successfully and you will get two important links for this installation.

The first link is a direct URL to your WordPress blog; this will be the URL that you can give to others so that they can visit your website.  The URL will give you a site similar to the following:

The second URL will be the one that you can go to in order to create new posts or pages and moderate comments.  You can use the admin username and password that you selected earlier to login to this page.

If you are seeing any issues, VEXXHOST offers technical assistance for their customers for the installation of scripts using their tool, so you can contact them at anytime.

Also, as a thank you from VEXXHOST to our website for creating this tutorial, they have supplied us with a special coupon code that will give you 50% discount on wordpress hosting.

In order to redeem this coupon, simply go to VEXXHOST and visit the WordPress Hosting page and sign up for a new account while using the following coupon code in the order form:


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you do, leave a comment and we will hopefully add more in the future.