Cloud computing cost, efficiency makes it attractive for big business and

Cloud Computing Summit Brasil 2010 10/08/10
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O Cloud Computing Summit Brasil é um evento com participação dos principais players do mercado mundial que abordarão tendências do Cloud Computing e seu impacto sobre o mercado de TI e negócios.


Cloud computing cost, efficiency makes it attractive for big business and
While small- and mid-sized businesses have been taking the lead in adopting cloud computing, many bigger businesses and government bodies have started to adapt SaaS for their companies. CMS Wire said many agencies are now looking into cloud solutions, …
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Sunderland turns to cloud computing
Sunderland city council is to move many of its IT applications to a cloud computing platform under a deal with IBM. It has announced that the company will provide a city-wide cloud platform that is expected to reduce the council's operational costs by …
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Question by Ravi: Is cloud computing a good career option in India?
I want to learn cloud computing. Is there any training institute in India which provide such courses ?? And also i want to know do cloud computing a good career option in .

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why aren’t u askin this question in yahoo answers India??

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  1. Still learning. says:

    Computer Science is a weird degree. It can be a great option for a career if you actually get the job. Since the job market is so saturated at times it’s hard. Everyone is into it and everyone doesn’t need a programmer or engineer. Also unfortunately for programmers and IT specialist sectors it’s capable of being outsourced.

    In my opinion, if you enjoy cloud computing then get go to school for CS with programming and theoretical computation as most classes. Focus on cloud computing and networking and get at least a masters(or equivalent in India).

    The U.S. LBS does say that the CS degree will be in more damand by 2016. Actually if you look at all the LBS reports you notice that it’s always medical or engineering that comes out on top. So CS isn’t necessarly a bad degree just something I think is hard to get a job with(after the job is obtianed the pay is good and everything is good).

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